System Requirements

  • As of December 22, 2014, Blackboard released a new Windows and Mac Launcher that eliminated the need for you to have Java installed on your local machine. You can read more about how it functions here.


  • Up to 6 people can speak at once, but Moderators can limit that number.
  • Using a headset microphone provides the best audio quality, but it is not necessary with the latest version of Collaborate, as echo cancellation is built in.
  • You will need to click the Talk button to initiate microphone control.


  • Up to 6 web cams can display at once, but Moderators can limit that number.
  • Whomever is speaking, will take center stage in the top video box.

ICON - Online Rooms

  • Users with any TA role in ICON can moderate and create their own Blackboard rooms.

User Login 

  • You will need an email link to the room created for you if you use Blackboard Collaborate outside of ICON.  Contact your local campus IT admin or the ITS Help Desk for help.
  • Within ICON, you can login automatically via the Blackboard Collaborate LTI integration.

Recording Sessions

  • Moderators can record sessions for playback later.
  • The default file format for recordings is .jnlp and requires Java to view.
    • .Jnlp files are a proprietary file type that allow users to view them only once.
  • In ICON, if the .jnlp recorded session is converted to an MP3/MP4 all users in the course can download and keep that session.
    • It is recommended that instructors who want an MP3/MP4 of their recordings for archiving, but do not want their participants/students to be able to keep their course recordings, wait until after the course is completed, and then deactivate their course before creating the MP3 or MP4 copies.

Large Events

  • Sessions with 400 or more participants need to notify the ITS Help Desk at least 96 hours in advance, as we will need to arrange for you to be set up on a special Collaborate server to handle your conference load.

Use a Wacom tablet or other drawing tablets

Saving a PowerPoint presentation as JPEG to import into a Collaborate session


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February 16, 2017