How do I register my clicker in ICON?

To register your ResponseWare license:

1. Log into ICON, and then go to the course in which you plan to use your ResponseWare.

2. Select your course.

3. Click Modules from the left side Course Navigation menu.
    Your instructor must have the Modules and Clicker registration link published for this to be possible.

4. Click the Turning Account Registration link.

5. Click to connect to TurningTechnologies.

6. Login with your HawkID and password.

7. If you have a license code, enter it into the appropriate box.
    A device ID is not necessary to participate in a ResponseWare session.

8. Click Finish.

You will be taken to the TurningAccount Dashboard.  If you have a checkmark for License and Learning Management System, you have completed your registration.


For additional help visit our Frequently Asked Questions page:, or contact Turning Technologies Technical Support.

Technical Support is available from 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. EST and online at


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Last updated: 
August 16, 2016