RDSS Service

Key Benefits

  • CIFS and NFS access available
  • Snapshots and replication that meet institutional backup requirements
  • Large 5TB folder with appropriate access rights free of charge
  • Additional space available for a fee

Useful For

  • Researchers with faculty appointments and their research labs .

RDSS Service Overview

What the Service is and what you get

The RDSS service is funded by ITS and supported by ITS-Research Services, ITS-Storage Services and ITS-Enterprise Services. It is one part of a central file storage service suite that is tailored to meet the broad storage needs of research labs across campus.  The service will provide network file storage service for research labs and offer CIFS and NFS access.  The service will be hosted on the Network Attached Storage (NAS) and approved requests will receive a 5TB folder with the appropriate access rights at no charge.  ITS-Enterprise Services will be the primary service manager of access rights on the provisioned file share and will also work with the research labs to make sure that the folder is mapped on the appropriate lab computers. 

The first 5TB of space will be provided for at no charge. If a researcher requires additional space they will be able to purchase that space for $270 per TB per year, or $22.50 per TB per month.  This service will utilize snapshots and replication in order to best protect lab data.  You can elect to not have backups made if your data/research requires it.  Please note, this will apply to your whole space and can not be limited to individual folders.  Labs who need more than 10TB are not good candidates for this service. This will be a HawkID service only. 

Currently, this service is limited to only faculty members.

Service is not suitable for High Performance Computing (HPC) applications.

Unfortunately, Core Research Facilities do not qualify for the RDSS service.  We would be happy to work with individual faculty or researchers in setting up an RDSS storage account that they could mount and use while working in the facility.

How to subscribe to the service

To request data storage space on this service please fill out the following form or call the ITS Help Desk at 319-384-HELP (4357).

Form to request RDSS

Form to request security changes to your RDSS


Users of Core Research Facilities will need to select Yes under the question "Give Core Facilities access to my Core folder for Direct Deposit of Data?" if they would like to give access to the Core Admin group.

Available Features


The service will be hosted on the Network Attached Storage (NAS).


Regular snapshots help users to recover deleted files and previous versions of files. Snapshots occur throughout the day, and are retained for up to one month. Files older than 30 days will not be retrievable.

Remote replication

Changes are replicated to a remote site every four hours, to ensure files can be restored quickly in case of a major disaster.

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May 19, 2016