Research Backup Storage

Key Benefits

  • SSH Access
  • Available snapshots (included) and replication (optional) that meet institutional backup requirements
  • 1TB-100TB+ Shared Space
  • $40/TB/Year/Copy of Data

Useful For

  • Researchers and research labs

Research Backup Storage Service Overview

What the Service is and what you get

The Research Backup Storage Service provides a remote server that is accessible via ssh to store backups of research data from other server or desktop systems on the University of Iowa campus. At present any system that can use rsync tunneled through ssh can use this service for backups. Zfs_send/receive tunneled through ssh is also supported. It is the responsibility of the user of the service to verify that backups are occurring as well as the integrity of the backed up data unless explicitly agreed to the contrary during initial setup of the backup service.

To keep costs low commodity hardware is used in this service. This hardware does not include high availability features. The target service availability is 99.5% uptime but occasional scheduled or unscheduled outages may occur.

Access & Data Protection

At this time backup initiation and restoration by the end user are only available via command line scripts maintained by the RS team. These scripts also maintain logging output on the users target system for verification and troubleshooting purposes.  For a more complete description and documentation regarding these processes please contact

Snapshots are taken automatically before each backup is initiated by the provided tools and can be retained for customizable amounts of time. The backup system uses the zfs filesystem that provides advanced data protection features such as checksums and triple parity raid.

This service may not meet the requirements for the storage of highly sensitive information. If you plan to store sensitive information please contact us to discuss the best option.

How to subscribe to the service

To request data storage space on this service please contact ITS - Research Services at or send a general inquiry to ITS at: or call the ITS Help Desk at 319-384-HELP (4357).

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January 16, 2019