Non-University individuals needing access to a site hosted on the SharePoint on-premises service ( require a campus sponsor.  Their sponsor will need to request one Guest ID per person they wish to share their site with.

The campus sponsor serves as the owner of the Guest ID and is responsible for password changes and resets.  Password expiration notices will be received by the account sponsor/owner.  When the Guest ID is no longer needed, the owner of the ID is responsible for notifying the ITS Help Desk to have the account terminated.

To obtain a SharePoint Guest ID, please submit your request to the ITS Help Desk and include the following information:

  1. SharePoint site URL to be accessed
  2. Sponsoring UI department name
  3. Name of User’s UI contact
  4. An e-mail address for the person who will be using the Guest ID
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Last updated: 
December 2, 2016