Fall 2012 Pilot

With the Sponsoship of the Provost’s office and ITS, The University of Iowa has participated in an eTextbook pilot in conjunction with a national project supported by Internet2 and Educause.

    The fall 2012 pilot included approximately 800 students using Courseload (a browser based eReader) as a platform and Mcgraw Hill e-texts.

    In addition, the University was awarded a Donald Rieck research grant to conduct an IRB approved research study on the use and effectiveness of eTexts in the fall pilot.

  • Courseload
    • 800 students involved
Name Department Course
Wei Li Finance Essentials of Investment
Mary High Communication Studies Communicating at Work
Kevin Den Adel Accounting Auditing and Assurance Services
Suely Oliveira Computer Science Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
Matthew Howren Psychology Health Psychology
Danny Foster Health and Human Physiology The Essentials of Athletic Injury Management
Leyre Castro Ruiz Psychology Research Design and Methods
Nancy Langguth Office of Student Services-Educ Middle and Secondary Classroom Management
Christina Paxman Granduate College Communicating in Groups
John Murry Marketing New Products Management 
Meara Habashi Psychology Personality Psychology
Gayan Rubasinghege   Chemistry in Context
Gleidson Gouveia Schools, Culture, and Society Meaning of Difference
Renee Cole Chemistry Experiments in Physical Chemistry
Raghu Mudumbai Electrical-Computer Engineer Analysis Using Transform Methods


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May 19, 2016