Users on SiteNow can add and delete menu items to their page.

Instructions for adding a menu item

1. In the black admin toolbar, click 'Structure.'

2. On the resulting screen, click 'Menus.'

The Menus option on the Structure screen

3. Decide which menu you would like to add items to - either the main menu or the footer menu.


The Footer Menu and Main Menu options on the Menus screen

4. Click 'Add link' to the right of your chosen menu to add a link to that menu.

  • Add a menu link title. This will be the text used for the link in the menu.
  • Add a path. This can be an internal Drupal path (node/add) or it can be an external URL ( To link to the front page, add <front>.
  • You may add a description if you wish (it's optional). This will appear when a user hovers their mouse over the menu link.
  • You can assign a weight if you choose. This will help to organize the order in which the links appear. You can also change the order of how the links appear in the menu by clicking and dragging the four-arrow symbol to the left of the link on the 'list links' page. 

5. Click the 'Save' button to add your link to the menu.

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Last updated: 
June 27, 2016