Introduction to APPtitude 2012: Enhancing Student Learning by Implementing Mobile Apps
for the Classroom

A University of Iowa Faculty Learning Community

Do your students ever struggle to learn?
There might be an app for that!

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Background: Starting in May 2012, the Center for Teaching, ITS-Instructional Services, and the UI Libraries worked with a group of UI faculty members who have identified a learning need in their students and would like to find or help develop a mobile web application to help students address that learning challenge.


Pre-Workshop Activities: Workshop Application Form, Spring 2012

The workshop application was in the form of a Qualtrics Survey.

APPtitude:  Enhancing Student Learning by Implementing Mobile Apps for the Classroom
A University of Iowa Faculty Learning Community
Workshop Application Form

WORKSHOP DATE: May 23, 2012 / 8:45 am - 1:00 pm
LOCATION: 2390 University Capitol Centre

Applications must be submitted online to be considered.  If you have any questions about this application or about this faculty learning community, please contact Jean Florman at

Please enter your first and last name, email address, college, and department:

First name:
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Last name:
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Email address:
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What course would you like to use mobile apps?

Course number:
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Course name:
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Academic catalog course description:
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What type of course is it?

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Student level - Check all that apply:

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How many students do you expect to enroll in this course (1-999)?


For the following questions, please focus on one student learning outcome for your course and how you would use mobile apps to help students achieve this outcome.

How much time do you spend or expect to spend in class on this specific learning outcome? (e.g. one 60-minute class period, two 3-hour class periods; one field trip; a three-day lab unit)




NOTE: Responses to the following questions are limited to 100-150 words.

What is the student learning outcome (what should the student know and be able to do in terms of critical thinking if they have achieved this learning outcome)?




Briefly describe how you help or expect to help students achieve this learning outcome. 




Do you already use mobile apps in your classes? If so, please describe who uses them, how, and for what purposes.




Please use the space below to provide additional comments about your application.





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