Virtual Desktop supports launching remote applications on most any kind of device, both desktop and mobile.  While it is possible to run Virtual Desktop applications on smaller devices, like a Windows phone, the user experience is much better on a tablet device like a Microsoft Surface.  The following instructions were written for installing Citrix Receiver on a Microsoft Surface with Windows RT but the instructions are fundamentally the same for a Windows phone.

Installing and Using the Citrix Receiver for Microsoft Surface with Windows RT

  1. Tap the Microsoft Store tile.

    Tap the Store tile

  2. Search for Citrix Receiver.

    Search for Citrix Receiver

  3. In the Citrix Receiver search result, tap Install.

    Tap Install

  4. After installing Citrix Receiver, launch the app.  You need to tell Citrix Receiver the location of the Virtual Desktop service.  Enter in the appropriate field. (Note the s in https://.)

  5. Enter your HawkID credentials in the form of Domain\HawkID.  For example "iowa\ctxtest". Tap Log On.

    Log in using your HawkID

  6. Any favorite applications you've added on other devices will appear under My Apps.


  7. To add more Favorite Apps, swipe upward from the bottom of the screen and tap Add in the lower right corner.

    Swipe upward and tap Add

  8. You will see All Available Apps.  Tap icons of the applications you would like to add to your favorites.

    All Available Apps... tap icons for apps you would like to add

  9. When you have finished adding applications to your favorites, swipe downward from the top of the screen to get back to My Apps.

    Swipe downward from the top of the screen to get back to My Apps

  10. To launch a favorite app, simply tap its icon in My Apps.  The application will launch a connection to the application in Virtual Desktop.

    Application launching in Virtual Desktop

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May 19, 2016