2014 Book Wings - Iraq: Collaboration Technology Details

"Book Wings is a three-year collaborative bi-lateral exchange and performance initiative designed to bring together writers, actors, directors, and new media professionals from the United States and partner countries in a virtual environment. Its aim is to foster cross-cultural conversation, spark new literary and dramatic ideas, and create an enduring body of work." 

Below are several technology options under consideration for cameras, webconferencing software, and, for future events, all-one-solutions.

For a high level overview on how collaboration technology is used to deliver Book Wings to Iraq, please see the 2014 Book Wings - Iraq: Collaboration Technology Overview.



Logitech C920 HP Pro Webcam
  • HD 1080p Video At 30 fps
  • Wide 78° Diagonal Field Of View;
  • Autofocus Lens;
  • UVC H.264 Compliant;
Logitech C930e HD Webcam
  • H.264/SVC Video Compression;
  • 90° Field of View;
  • 4X Zoom in 1080p;
  • Integrated Autofocus can be distracting.
Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam
  • Adaptive brightness adjustment;
  • 1080P format
  • Driver-free installation 
  • Ability to lock the focus point image;
  • Manual fine-tuning focus
  • Too expensive?

Webconferencing Software

Zoom web conferencing icon
No cost.
No immediate cost due to the current University of Iowa pilot service that ends October 2014.
Polycom Desktop Conferencing
Free 30-day trial subscription. Should work well with the Polycom HDX 8000 that is used in The University of Iowa's Theater Department's Theater B.

Various All-In-One Solutions

VD360 VPTZH01USB Camera
  • The VDO360 VPTZH-01 is an example of a HD USB Pan-Tilt-Zoom video camera. University of Northern Iowa has experience using this camera.
  • Technical Review



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