Recommended microphones, headsets, cameras

Audio An example: Cost   Comments
Individuals Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset
~$25   Main strengths: Noise-canceling microphone, inline volume and mute controls, padded headband and ear pads, compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X
Medium-sized conference rooms DUET MT202 EXE Speakerphone by Phoenix Audio Technologies ~$160   Main strengths: acoustic echo cancellationline echo cancellation,noise suppression. Also, allows a person to join the audio portion of the Collaborate session using a standard phone.
Large conference rooms Quattro 3 MT-301 by Phoenix Audio Technologies ~$400   Includes: 4 microphones, 4 speakers, 5 echo cancelers, proprietary Beam Forming Array algorithms, Voice Activity Detectors, De-reverb, Steady State Noise Attenuators, and Dynamic Signal Compression
Note: If you find your USB microphones do not always work immediately in an Collaborate Session be sure to plug-in your USB microphone or headset prior to joining the Collaborate session.

Collaborate supports 24 Bit RGB Color, compressed video format, Direct X video support and high end cameras such as FireWire Sony Camcorders

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February 16, 2017