To verify an application login that is enabled for Two-Step Login with Duo Security:

  1. Log into the service with your HawkID and password, then

  2. Confirm that it's you intending to log in via the method you select for Duo: 

            *** NOTE: The authentication methods available on the Two-Step screen (see below) depend on the type of device you select.*** 

  • If you select Send me a Push method, a request to verify that you intended to access the service will be sent to the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Simply tap approve or deny for the login request.  
  • If you select Enter a Passcode, you can:
    • generate a single passcode in the Duo Mobile app by pressing the green key symbol next to the HawkID account, and enter that code on your computer 
    • click "Text me new Codes" and Duo will send you a text message on your cell phone with a set of 10 passcodes. You can use each code only ONCE, by typing in the code on your computer screen to complete step two. The next time you log into an application and Duo asks for a passcode, you can use the next available code from the set of ten (each code is a one-time use code), or if needed, you can request a new set of passcodes be texted to you. 
  • If you select Call Me, your enrolled telephone will receive a voice call with the details of the service being accessed. Follow the instructions in the call to proceed.

Duo Passcode Login

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive a verification request and you are NOT logging in, deny the request! 

While all methods are supported, we strongly recommend using the Duo Mobile "push" smart phone app, because:

  1. It operates using a single "approve" tap to verify your login (you never have to enter a code)  
  2. It can be used "off-line" when you have no network service on your smart phone (you must have cellular or wireless service to receive a text message or call)
  3. It can be used from any location, including while traveling internationally
  4. You will be immediately notified if someone else is trying to log in using your account! 


If you define your computer and browser as a trusted device using the "Remember me" option, the second login step described above will only be presented on that trusted computer (using that same browser) once every 30 days. However, if you log in using a different computer, or a different browser, you will be presented with the second login step. Likewise, if someone else attempts to log in using your account from another computer, you will receive the second step notification (and should deny the request).     

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December 9, 2016