You may have instances where you need to access a service that requires Two-Step Login, but you don't have access to one of your enrolled devices to complete the second step of your login.  In these cases, you can enter a pre-generated pass code that you print or carry with you in order to log in.  Note that these codes must be generated ahead of time in the two-step login enrollment system in order to use them. 

Note: To access the two-step login enrollment system, you must be on campus or remotely accessing a computer that is on the campus network. If you need to enroll your phone in Duo Security and are unable to come to campus or access a campus computer, contact the ITS Help Desk at 319-384-4357 for assistance.

To generate a list of two-step login backup pass codes: 

1. Log in to Two-Step Login enrollment site ( your HawkID and password.  

2. Click the link for generate a list of backup codes in the paragraph text at the top of the page.

3. Print the page and keep it in a safe place (such as your wallet).  

IMPORTANT: Every time you generate pass codes, both in the enrollment application and/or having them sent to you in text message, ALL PREVIOUS CODES are immediately invalidated.  This means you can only have 10 pass codes that are available for your use at any given time.  

Note: You don't need pre-generated backup codes if you have an enrolled mobile smart phone with you, but don't have cellular or wireless service.  The app will generate one-time codes for you in standalone (no network) situations.  

To generate a single login pass code using your mobile smart phone, even if you have no service: Use the Duo Mobile app to generate a one-time code. Open the app on your phone, and tap on the green key symbol next to the "University of Iowa - HawkID Login" account.  Enter the code displayed in the app on the application login screen.  This code generator works for all installed accounts, such as the HawkID login, the HealthCareID Login for UIHC, and for personal accounts such as Gmail that you have added into your app.  See the separate support article for instructions to add personal accounts into your Duo Mobile app.   


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May 24, 2017