Fall 2013 Pilot

In the Fall of 2013, the University of Iowa participated in a pilot involving E-texts and integrated learning environments.

As in the past, Courseload was one of the E-text platforms used. Two new platforms- MindTap and Bioportal- were also piloted.

Bioportal is a product of WH Freeman that is both an E-textbook and a Learning Management System. Students can read the textbook online and find activities and videos embedded within the text. Teachers can assign custom and pre-made homework and quizzes and add content of their own.

Mindtap is a Cengage product that includes an E-textbook with a Course Management system, quizzes, activities, and videos embedded within it. 

  • Courseload
    • 300 students involved
      Mary HighCommunication StudiesOrganizational Communication
      Marc WoldChemistry Biochemistry
      Claire PavlikGeographyIntroduction To Human Geography 
      Mary AdamekMusicMusic in Special Education
  • Bioportal
    • 600 students involved
      Brenda LeichtBiologyFoundations of Biology
      Bryant McAllisterBiologyFoundations
  • MindTap
    • 400 students Involved
      Instructor DepartmentCourse
      Jennifer RogersHealth and Human PhysiologyNutrition and Health
      Katherine MellenHealth and Human PhysiologyNutrition and Health


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May 19, 2016