Office 365 Accounts After Graduation

Eligibility for your UI email account will end two years after graduation, or two years after the date of your last course with the university.

Several notifications will be sent before the account closes to provide time to create a new account elsewhere and move any messages or files you want to keep.

If you no longer wish to use your Office 365 account after graduation, contact the ITS Help Desk to have it closed. Before having the account closed, you will want to save all of your files from your OneDrive cloud storage and forward any email you wish to keep.

Student Employee Office 365 Accounts

If you are employed by the university, your email account will continue until your employment ends. If your employment ends within the two-year window after your graduation, your alumni status will take precedent and your email account will remain open until the original two-year mark.

Move or Copy Your Email

You can move or copy your emails from your Office 365 email account to another email account of your choosing. Learn how to forward your email to an alternate account.

Note: Moving or copying your email needs to be done before your Office 365 account closes.

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Last updated: 
May 2, 2022