Unlock your Duo Account 

You can become locked out of Duo Security if you enter an invalid (or used) passcode too many times, or if you let multiple Duo mobile push notifications expire in the app without approving or denying them.  These are security features that prevent hackers from trying to guess the Duo passcode, or from trying to circumvent the mobile app.  

To unlock your Two-Step Login account, log in to the Two-Step Login Enrollment Tool (https://apps.its.uiowa.edu/uip-tools/two-step/config) and select Enable two-step login from the links in the upper right corner (see below).  The link will then change to "Disable two-step login"  and the title at the top left of the page will say "Two-Step Login is: Enabled" instead of "Two-Step Login is: Disabled".  

Duo Enable a Locked Account

Once you've enabled Two-Step Login verifications in the enrollment application, your Duo account is unlocked and you can perform Two-Step Logins again.

Important: Each passcode for Duo is a one-time-use only code. 

If you continue to have issues with your Duo account becoming locked out, contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.

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November 22, 2019