You can use Mac Mail to move emails from your Uiowa email account to a different email account such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. In order to transfer emails between two different email providers, you first must have the email accounts configured in Mac Mail. If you haven't already done so, below are some links that explain how to configure your Office 365 account with Mac Mail:

Configuring Mac Mail to Access Your Office 365 Account on OS 10.9

See Apple's website regarding configuring email accounts with Mac Mail:

  1. Once you have your email accounts configured in Mac Mail, go to your UIowa inbox to view your emails.
  2. To move all your mail to another email account press "Command + A" to select all the emails (if you wish to select specific emails you can hold down "command" and click to highlight the emails you wish to move or copy). Once you have the emails you wish to move selected, "right-click" or hold down "Control and Left-click" and select "Copy to.." if you want to leave a copy of the emails in your UIowa inbox. If you want to move all your emails from your UIowa account and have them be deleted from your UIowa inbox click "Move to.."
  3. Once you move your mouse over either "Copy to.." or "Move to.." you will see a menu giving you options to where you can send the emails. Select your folder of choice and click to move the emails.

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July 25, 2016