This feature allows you to run the Panopto Windows Recorder from a USB drive. This means that you do not have to install the Recorder to create a recording. This is useful for customers that have the scenario of guest presenters that do not want to install the Recorder or if you ever want to run the Recorder but may not have permission on that machine to install software.


Panopto only supports eSATA/USB external hard drives. Using USB Flash drives may work but due to inconsistent results in testing, they are not recommended. 


To use this feature, login with an account that has creator rights and click the “Download Recorder” link on your Panopto site. You will see an option to download the “Panopto Recorder Live-On-USB Package”. 


Sessions recorded using the Panopto Recorder Live-On-USB will upload to the designated UICapture server. The offline recording will be saved to the local hard drive of the computer you are using the Panopto Recorder Live-On USB on and not on the USB drive itself.


For the full article on using the Windows Recorder on a USB drive, click here.


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February 16, 2017