Issues in processing can occur when using PowerPoint in UICapture if the presentation includes restricted ​fonts, SmartArt, objects inserted with the Equation Tool or Off-Slide Content. Here are instructions for making sure your PowerPoint Presentation does not have these issues.

1. First you will need to click File, found in the upper left hand corner

File Menu
  • Note in PowerPoint 2013 you may have to click the Info tab after File.

File Info tab

2. Click on the Check For Issues button

Project Presentation, Check for Issues, Manage Versions buttons

3. A menu will pop up. Here you will click on Inspect Document.

Check for issues drop down menu highlighted

4. In the Document Inspector window make sure Off-Slide Content is checked.

Document Inspector Off-Slide Not Checked

Here is what it will look like with Off-Slide Content checked.

Document Inspector Off-Slide Checked

5. Once you have made sure Off-Slide Content is checked click Inspect.

Document Inspector Processing

6. When the Document Inspector finishes running it will bring up a report on what was found and give you the option to fix the issues. Click on Remove All to have PowerPoint fix/remove the issues found.

Document Inspector Off-slide Content Found

Document Inspector Off-slide Content Removed

Document Inspector Off-slide Content and Personal Info Removed

7. Once the Remove All process has finished, it is best to click Reinspect to confirm the issues have been removed.

  • Note: Picture Crop Information often cannot be fully removed by PowerPoint. Do not worry about this issue.

8. Warnings regarding the shape and any text in it cannot be edited when using earlier versions of PowerPoint OR animations on uneditable shapes may be removed when using earlier versions of PowerPoint require workaround to fix the affected slides if you want to keep the look and feel of your slides.

Compatibility Check Highlight
  • Navigate to an incompatible slide
  • Capture a .png or .jpg image of the object(s) causing the issue - Snipping Tool works well
    • Possible Cause: Objects inserted with the Equation Tool
    • Possible Cause: Fonts downloaded from the Internet
    • Possible Cause: A shape or text that may have reflection, glow, bevel, shadow (inner or perspective), warping transform, 3-D rotation, text outlines, or fills (gradient, picture or texture)
  • Delete the slide object and replace with image
  • Repeat for all incompatible slides
  • Run Check Compatibility again

9. After Reinspect has finished running and has found no issues you can hit close.

10. Save your slide deck.

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February 16, 2017