Fall 2013 Pilot Student Comments


     Positive Feedback:  

          “It was so helpful to always have access to the material as long as I                                was at a computer.”       

          “using the e-text I could search topics more quickly than trying to                                   search through my hard copy of the book”

          “I think every course should have this option! It's great and really                                   helpful.”                  

     Negative Feedback:

          “Couldn't go to any place to read and study cause I needed the                                        internet.”

          “I had many instances where the book wouldn't load at all, so I                                      wasn't able to finish reading assignments.”

          “While the eText is nice to have, I prefer reading from a hard text,                                 because it is easier to concentrate/doesn't hurt my eyes as much.”



     Positive Feedback:

          “I liked the search feature to find things quickly and easily and                                       bookmarking to refer back to things.”

          “The practice quizzes and test were excellent. I loved them.”

          “The added resources made it easier to understand things”

     Negative Feedback:

          “It was good as long as the internet was good” 

          “I like having the book in front of me”

          “I spent more money on books not less because the program costs                                  money”



     Positive Feedback:   

          “I like the ability to work with other people. I learn better that way                                than sitting in a classroom trying to  learn from a professor. I'm                                    more of a visual learner too, so animations and videos are always                                  helpful to me.”                         

          “Seeing biological processes played out and narrated for me was                                     fabulous. I also really liked the supplemental quizzes.”   

          “On the first test I didn't utilize the tutorials and was very                                               unprepared for the test. Some friends suggested the tutorials and I                               used them on the second test and greatly improved my score.                                         Some of the short answers were just like the tutorials am I did                                       very well on them.”

     Negative Feedback:

          “It did not load well for most students.”

          “There are so many websites for my classes it gets confusing                                             sometimes and also do not like that it requires firefox.”

          “Reading online hurts my eyes after an extended period.”

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May 19, 2016