A new feature is available in Office365 OWA. Users can now attach files stored in their OneDrive account. The process is not too different from attaching files normally. The key difference is that files shared via OneDrive can be edited by other users and used for collaboration. This feature cannot be used in Outlook presently, only OWA.

  1. When sending a message, click "Insert" near the top where the options are displayed
  2.  From the drop down menu, select "Attachments or OneDrive files".
  3.  A window will appear where you will be able to indicate where the file is. Two places are presented to the user, one is OneDrive and one is Computer. Choose any file from any folder inside OneDrive and then click Next.
  4.  Select Share with OneDrive. 
  5.  After attaching a file,  select the "..."
  6.  Select Manage Permissions from the drop down menu
  7.  This allows you to select Can Read or Can Edit permissions. You can also select "Apply to All Attached Files" if you are attaching more than one file. 
  8.  Click OK

Changes that other users make on the file that you shared via OneDrive will also reflect changes in the file in your OneDrive folder. If you do not wish to collaborate your work, set "Read only" permissions before sending it, or attach the file from your computer. 

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Last updated: 
May 19, 2016