You may find the need to include both links and actual documents within a SharePoint "Document Library". For example, you may have a document library which contains information for new employees, so you want to include training material documents as well as links to different policies and procedures on external sites or systems.  In order to do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the document library that you would like to include both documents and links.
  2. From the Ribbon select Library, then choose Library Settings.
    Highlighted - standard view and library settings

  3. From the resulting page select Advanced Settings 
    highlighted - Advanced settings

  4. Select Yes for "Allow management of content types", then select OK to save your changes.
    highlighted - yes

  5. From the Document Library Settings page, select Add from existing site content types 
    highlighted - add from existing site content types

  6. Choose Link to a Document from the list on the left, then click Add, then OK to add the content type.
    highlighted - link to a document

You should now have the ability to add links to your document library.  To do so, select New Document then Link to a Document 

highlighted - New Document drop down menu

Note: You will only need to follow the 6 steps above once per document library.

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May 19, 2016