How to Upload Media

Video Tutorial

To upload media, go to the My Workspace tab in ShareStream Pick-n-Play.

My Workspace is a personal storage location for instructor media. Media is only viewable by you when it is in My Workspace; it is not viewable by students or other users with privileges to the course. After media assets have been added in My Workspace to the Course Collection tab, the media assets will be viewable by students and other users with privileges to the course.  

To upload a media asset into ShareStream:

1.      Click on the My Workspace tab.

Highlighting the My Workspace Tab

2.      Click on Upload Media, either the large button to the left of the media player, or the menu option at the top of the My Workspace tab.

Highlighting the Upload Media Buttons in the My Workspace Tab

The Upload Media window opens prompting a media asset to be selected.

Highlighting the Select Media File Button

3.      Do one of the following:

  • Click on the Drop/Click to Select Media File button, and browse to locate and select the media asset desired to be uploaded.
  • Drag and drop a media asset onto the Drop/Click to Select Media File button.  Note: Drag and drop is not currently supported in the Internet Explorer browser.

4.      Enter information about this media asset: the Title, Contributor (It is possible to check “Me” as the Contributor), and Description.

5.      Click on Add Media.

Highlighting the Add Media Button

A progress bar provides real-time feedback on the progress of the upload.

6.      When the media asset is finished uploading, a prompt will appear to upload more files.

The Upload More Files Window Appears, Select No

7.      The thumbnail appears with PROCESSING in the My Workspace tab until it is available for viewing.

Highlighting the Upload Processing in the My Workspace tab

When the file is available, PROCESSING will be replaced with a thumbnail of the media asset that has just uploaded. The media asset is now uploaded to the My Workspace tab, where the media asset can be prepared for students before adding it to the Course Collection.

Highlighting the Upload is Complete in the My Workspace tab

Note:  The My Workspace tab can be returned to in order to add more media assets and perform other tasks in preparation for adding media assets to the Course Collection.


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October 4, 2017