How to Add Media to a Course Collection

Video Tutorial

Now that you have uploaded a media asset to the My Workspace, the next step is to add the media asset to the Course Collection.

1.      On the My Workspace tab, select the checkbox next to the thumbnail for the media asset.

2.      Click on Add to Course.

Highlighted Add to Course and Media Asset Checkbox

3.      Select the desired folder to add the media asset to and click OK

Highlighted OK Button

4.      A confirmation message will appear when the file is added. Click the X to close the popup window.

5.      Click on the Course Collection tab to see the newly added media asset.

Note:  A placeholder thumbnail may appear while the media asset is still processing. 

Highlighted - Course Collections and Thumbnail of Video PROCESSING

The media asset will appear in the Course Collection when it has completed uploading. Unlike the My Workspace tab, which is tied to an individual’s account, the Course Collection tab is viewable by all users with privileges for the course.

Highlighted - Course Collections and Thumbnail of Media added to Course Collections


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October 6, 2017