On the Course Collection tab it is possible to play media, search and filter to find media assets to play, set display options, and use the Dropbox. Below is an overview of the features provided in the Course Collection.

A Video Tutorial on Using the Course Collection Tab.

Highlighted - Course Collection Features: Media Player, Search, Filter Menu, Show/Hide Folders, View Options, Dropbox, More Info and Media Gallery

The following sections have information on how to use the features in the Course Collection tab, including:

  • Media Player – Play media, add metadata, and share media files. See Use the Media Player 
  • View Thumbnails or List – Choose how to display the media in the Course Gallery.  See View Media as Thumbnails or in a List.
  • Filter Menu – Choose the criteria for the media assets to display in the Course Gallery, such as Video Only, Recently Added, etc. See Filter the Course Media Gallery.
  • Course Gallery –Displays the media assets currently in the Course Collection or the media assets that match the filters or searches that have been performed.
  • Search – Quickly find media assets in the Course Collection. See Search for Media.
  • Show/Hide Course Folders – Select whether to display or hide the subfolders in the Course Collection. See Show or Hide Folders.​
  • Dropbox – Enable students and other faculty members in the same course to exchange media received in the Media Inbox. NOTE: Students will not be able to see the media they upload. Only Instructors can see what is in the Media Inbox. See Use the Dropbox to Allow Students to Send Media and How to Receive Student Media in the Media Inbox.

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Select Media to Play

It is possible to play media assets in any of the following ways:

  1. Click on the Play icon in the asset’s thumbnail.

Highlighted - Play Icon
  1. Click on the name of the media asset.

Highlighted - Name of Media Asset, in this case Beethoven
  1. Click on the Action menu for the media asset, and select Play.

Highlited - Play in Action menu for the media asset

The media asset begins to play in the Pick-n-Play Media Player.

An example of what the media play will look like when media is playing


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Use the Media Player

A Video Tutorial on How to Use the Media Player.

A Video Tutorial on How to Use the Media Gallery.

You can use the following controls on the Pick-n-Play Media Player.

Highlighted - Pick-n-Play Media Player controls: Play Button, Looping Menu, Mute, Volume, Closed Captioning, Title, Progress Bar, Time Elapsed/Total Time, Share Asset, Info/Metadata and Screen Control/Full Screen
  • Play Button – Click to play the media file.
  • Progress Bar – Shows the progress of the media asset that is currently playing. It is possible to click and drag this control to go to a specific point in the media asset.
  • Time Elapsed/Total Time – Shows the time progress of the playing file, and the total duration of the file.
  • Mute Microphone – Click to mute or un-mute the file.
  • Volume ControlClick and drag to increase or decrease the sound volume.
  • Closed CaptioningClick to turn on closed captioning to display subtitles designed for student accessibility.  Note:  You must first upload a closed-caption file for the media asset for closed captioning to be enabled. See Upload Closed-Caption Files.
  • Screen ControlClick to increase the size of the player to full-screen.
  • Title of FileShows the title as entered into ShareStream.
  • Share Video – Click to select options for sharing the asset in the media player.  NoteTo ensure that only users enrolled in the course can access course media, media assets shared using the “Share Video” feature will ask the user to authenticate before the media asset is played. 
  • More Info – Click to view metadata information about the media file.

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View Media as Thumbnails or in a List

On the Course Collection or My Workspace tabs, it is possible to toggle between viewing all media assets in a thumbnail-gallery view or in a list view by selecting Thumbnails or List in the View menu. 

View menu: Thumbnails or List

The following screenshots show example Thumbnail and List views.

Example Thumbnail View

Example Thumbnail View

Example List View

Example List View

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Make Media Featured

It is possible to select a media asset as “Featured,” which means it will appear as the initial asset displayed in the playback window on the Course Collection page for the users enrolled in the course.

To select featured media:

1.      Select the media asset.

2.      On the Action menu, click Make Featured

Highlighted -  Make Featured in Action Menu

Then, the media asset you selected as Make Featured will appear on the Course Collection page.

Example of Featured Media Asset in Course Collection


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Filter the Course Media Gallery

On the Course Collection tab, select filter options to identify the course media assets desired to work with. This is helpful if a course has a large number of media assets, or if it is desired to view assets of a specific media type (for example, only videos), or recently added or viewed media.

1.      To filter the display, click the Filter drop-down menu as shown in the following screenshot.

2.      Then, select the option to filter by: Favorites, Video Only, Audio Only, Recently Added, etc.

Highlighted - All Course Media

The filtered result shows in the Course Collection gallery.

Highlighted - Filter Options


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Add Media to Favorites

It is possible to mark a media asset as a Favorite, which is similar to a personal playlist for the media assets in the Course Collection. Then, when Favorites is filtered in the drop-down menu, only those items marked with a Favorite star will appear. 

The Favorites feature makes it possible to keep track of the most important media assets, or the media assets that are most relevant to the course at a particular point in time.

To use favorites:

You can use the Favorites feature to create a list of media assets that you’ll need to review before an exam, or to keep track of assets that you will need to review while working on a class assignment.

1.      Select a media asset.

2.      Click the star icon that appears next to a media asset. The star icon will become yellow to show that it has been selected as a favorite.

Highlighted - Star Icon

From the Filter drop down menu select Show Favorites to display only the media assets added to the Favorites.

Highlighted - Show Favorites


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