How to Use Metadata

The term “metadata” refers to information about a media asset. Students will be able to view the metadata entered about the media assets while playing the asset. Certain metadata fields in ShareStream are required fields: the Title, Contributor, and Description. Metadata for each media asset can be viewed and edited in the Course Collection.

View Metadata

To view metadata about a media asset, select one of the following options:

  • Click the More Info link in the Media Player.

Highlighted - More Info
  • Or, select the media asset in the thumbnail or list view, and on the Action menu, click Information.

Highlighted - Information in Action Menu

The Metadata popup window opens.

Example of Metadata popup window


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Add or Edit Metadata

To edit the metadata for media: 

1.      Select the media asset.

2.      Click on the Action menu, and then click on Information. Or, click on the More Info link below the Media Player.

Highlighted - Information in Action Menu

3.      Click the Edit tab.

Example of Edit Tab

4.      On the Edit tab, edit the fields as necessary, and then click Done.

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October 3, 2017