This document will outline how to install and enable MBAM BitLocker drive encryption when using the U of I OS Install CD (Lite Touch) process.  These steps assume you have completed all MBAM Requirements on Support Article 103952.


  • If there is a BIOS password set on the system it must be cleared before you begin the process.
  • The system must have the correct MBAM GPO applied via AD & Group Policy (103953)
  • The system must join the domain during the process
  • The system must install the SCCM client

Installing the MBAM client during the Lite Touch process

  1. Begin the normal Lite Touch install process as outlined here
  2. On the Select one or more applictions to install screen choose the appropriate MBAM Client (x86 or x64) for the OS that you chose to install (x86 or x64).
    mbam lite touch applications

  3. Continue through the Ready to Begin screen and let the Lite Touch process begin and complete as normal.
  4. Once the Lite Touch process is finished, reboot the machine and login to the domain with any hawkid.
  5. If the MBAM client installed successfully and the GPO is applied to the computer object, within a few minutes you should see a Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring screen appear.
    mbam drive encryption prompt

  6. That's it! You can then choose to either postpone or start the encryption process.

NoteFor added security ECM recommends that you set a BIOS password on the machine after the encryption process is complete.

How to setup MBAM for a Department

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December 20, 2018