ShareStream Pick-n-Play provides several ways to interact with students on the media assets in the Course Collection.


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Work with Comments

Comments can be used to discuss the media assets in the Course Collection with students.  Comments will be viewable by everyone with access to the course.

View or Hide Comments

You can view or hide comments on your current display.

1.      Select a media asset.

The Comments section is under the media player.

Highlighted -  See Comments

By default it is possible to view any comments that exist for the media asset.

2.      To hide the comments, click Hide Comments.

3.      Then, to view comments again, click Show Comments.


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Add Comments

To add comments to a media asset:

1.      Select a media asset. The Comments section is under the media player.

2.      Click the Add Comments buttons.

Highlighted - Add Comments

3.      In the Title text box, add or edit the title of the comment, and then in the Comment text box, add the comment.

4.      Click Add Comments.


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Use the Dropbox to Allow Students to Send Media

You can allow students to send media assets to you via the Dropbox feature. Other instructors teaching the same course can also use the Dropbox. When a student sends media via the Dropbox, it will appear in the Instructor’s Media Inbox. The Dropbox does not publish media to the course in the Course Collection page; rather, it publishes the media asset to the Instructor’s Media Inbox in the Pick-n-Play interface. It is possible to add the media assets sent by students to the Course Collection from the Media Inbox.

Note: Students will not be able to see the media they upload. Only Instructors can see what is in the Media Inbox. Instructors can choose media assets from the Media Inbox to show in the Course Collection.

Note: For best results, students should upload MPEG 4 files to the Dropbox with a resolution that does not exceed 1280 x 720. Also, students should not send phone-capture videos, as these files often have a significant amount of dropped frames, which results in playback issues when the file is streamed.


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Enable the Dropbox

Click the Enable Dropbox button.

Highlighted -  Enable Dropbox

The Dropbox folder icon will appear in Pick-n-Play for everyone in the course.


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Send Media via the Dropbox

To send media using the Dropbox, do either of the following:

  • Click the Dropbox icon, and then browse to locate and select a media file from a computer’s file directory.
  • Or, drag and drop a file onto the Dropbox icon. Note: Drag and drop is not currently permitted in the Internet Explorer browser.

Highlighted - Dropbox

The Dropbox Icon will show a spinning wheel and a progress bar to show the progress of the file upload.

When the upload is complete, the media asset will then appear in the Media Inbox. 

The first time a media file is sent via the Dropbox, the Media Inbox tab will be added to the Pick-n-Play interface. Red text will show that a new item is in the Media Inbox.

Click the Media Inbox tab to view the media asset. 

Highlighted - Is New! and Media Inbox


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Disable the Dropbox

Click the Disable Dropbox link, which will remove the Dropbox from the student’s view and prevent them from sending media to the Media Inbox.

Highlighted - Disable Dropbox

To re-enable the Dropbox, click the Enable Dropbox button again.

Highlighted - Enable Dropbox


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October 4, 2017