Receive Student Media in the Media Inbox

If students have submitted media to the Dropbox, click the Media Inbox tab to view any added files.

The Media Inbox tab shows how many new media assets have been received. Any media added recently will appear with Is New! in red text.

NOTE: Students will not be able to see the media they upload. Only Instructors can see what is in the Media Inbox. Instructors can choose media assets from the Media Inbox to show in the Course Collection.

Highlighted - Media Inbox and Is New!

The Action menu can be used in the Media Inbox to perform any of these actions:

  • Set to new to show a media file that has already been played as “New” again
  • Play to view the file in the Media Inbox
  • Information to see the Title and Contributor for the media asset
  • Add to course to include the media asset in the Course Collection (see the next section, Add Student Media to Your Course Collection).
  • Download to save a copy of the file to a computer
  • Delete to remove the file from the Media Inbox

Highlighted - Set to New in Action Menu


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Add Student Media to Course Collection

It is possible to add student media to the Course Collection from the Media Inbox.

In the Media Inbox, click on the Action menu for the media asset in the thumbnail gallery and select Add to course.

Highlighted - Add to Course

Then, everyone with access to the course will be able to see the student-media asset that has been added to the Course Collection.

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October 3, 2017