How to Organize Course Collection

It is possible to create folders and subfolders in MediaManager to organize media assets.

A video tutorial on creating folders in MediaManager.

1.      Right-click (ctrl-click for Mac users) on the course name.

2.      Select Add Collection.

Highlighted - Add Collection

3.      Enter the title and other information for the new Course Collection (which will appear as a subfolder under the main Course Collection).

Example - Subfolder Information Window

4.      Continue to create subfolders by repeating the previous steps for each folder.

Media Manager Interface

5.      The folders and subfolders created in MediaManager will populate in Pick-n-Play

Pick-n-Play Interface

It is possible to move or copy existing media assets into the new folders from the Course Collection page, or add media assets directly into the new course folders from My Workspace.  See Organize Your Media in the Course Collection here.

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February 16, 2017