Upload Media as Downloadable

A Video Tutorial on Uploading Media as Downloadable can be found here.

Only assets that have been checked as “Downloadable” will allow users to download the asset from ShareStream’s applications, namely Pick-n-Play and MediaManager.  This is by design, as most content is not intended to be downloadable by default.

First be sure the file is of a downloadable type (see the table in Supported ShareStream Platform Input Formats).

Follow the steps below to upload a media asset that may be downloaded by the users in the course:

1.      In MediaManager, right-click (ctrl-click for Mac users) on the folder and select Add Asset.

Highlighted - Add Asset

2.      Enter the Asset Required Metadata.

Asset Metadata Window

3.      Click on the Asset Media File(s) tab. Select the file from the computer’s file directory and enter the filename in the box in the UPLOAD DOWNLOADABLE FILE section of the popup window.

Highlighted - Asset Media File(s), Choose File, and Downloadable

4.      Check Downloadable as a delivery option under Edit Asset in MediaManager.

5.      Click Save Asset.

Highlighted - Save Asset

Note:  It is possible to make existing media downloadable, provided a downloadable file type has been ingested for the asset. To accomplish this, right-click (ctrl-click for Mac users) on the media asset in MediaManager, click Edit Asset, and check Downloadable in the Asset Media File tab as shown above.

Highlighted - Edit Asset

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February 16, 2017