MediaManager is the administrative application of the ShareStream Video Platform for education. ShareStream MediaManager will present the same media and data (namely, metadata that has been entered about media assets, Course Collections and folders that have been created, etc.) as ShareStream Pick-n-Play; however, its Collection Management interface is designed for performing administrative tasks, whereas Pick-n-Play’s interface is designed specifically for instruction.

From MediaManager, instructors can perform Collection Management tasks, such as organizing media assets for the Course Collection into folders and subfolders; creating video clips from whole works; and using ShareStream’s media publishing tools. It is also possible to use MediaManager to upload special file types, such as podcasts, closed-caption files, and composite media. Here are ShareStream's Supported Input Formats.

Create a Video Clip

In ShareStream MediaManager, course instructors are able to create custom segments from streaming video assets and make these segments available to students. Follow these steps for creating video clips.

1.      Right-click (ctrl-click for Mac users) on the asset in the center page of the MediaManager interface and, from the drop-down menu, select Create Video Clips.

Highlighted - Create Video Clips

2.      Play the clip to the desired ‘mark-in’ point of the first clip, and then click Pause at the desired point.

3.      Click in the Start-time text box at the bottom of the window, and click on the progress bar for the video player to have the “mark-in” point just created populate in the start-time box.

Highlighted - Start-time and \"mark-in\" point

4.      Click in the End-time text box. Continue playing the video to the ‘mark-out’ point, click Pause, and then click on the progress bar to have the “mark-out” point populate in the end-time box.

Highlighted - End-time and "mark-in" point

5.      In the Clip Name text box, enter a name for the clip.

6.      Click Save to complete the process.


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Upload Files through MediaManager

In certain cases ShareStream MediaManager can be used to upload special media file types. These cases include:

Since these file types cannot be transcoded—converted into a different file type—they will need to be uploaded through MediaManager instead of through Pick-n-Play.

Supported ShareStream Platform Input Formats is a table of file formats supported in MediaManager (as well as in Pick-n-Play).


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Upload Podcasts

Video Tutorial

Podcasts can be uploaded to the Course Collection through MediaManager.

1.      In MediaManager, right-click (ctrl-click for Mac users) on the folder name and select Add Collection.

Highlighted - Add Collection

2.      In the Collection Information popup window, enter a folder name ending in “-podcast”.

Highlighted - Title Textbox

3.      Right-click (or ctrl-click) on the podcast folder and select Add Asset.

Highlighted - Add Asset

4.      In the Asset Metadata popup window, click on the Asset Media File(s) tab. In the Upload Downloadable File section of the popup window, select the Choose File button and then select a podcast file from the computer’s file directory. Make sure Downloadable Audio is selected as the file type, and Downloadable is checked. 

Highlighted - Downloadable file type dropdown menu and Downloadable checkbox

5.      Click Save Asset.

Then, when the viewer selects media stored in the “–podcast” folder, ShareStream will automatically launch iTunes, ask the user to authenticate (i.e., enter his or her username and password) and, after the user has successfully authenticated, sync content into iTunes.


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Upload Closed-Caption Files

How to Upload Closed-Caption File Video

MediaManager enables instructors to upload user-generated subtitle files, associate the subtitle file to an asset, and playback the subtitle file with synchronization between the subtitle text and time codes. ShareStream supports .srt file format (SubRip Text) for closed-caption files. Instructions on how to create .srt files with YouTube and Camtasia.

Follow the steps below to upload a subtitle file that corresponds to a media asset stored in ShareStream: 

1.      In MediaManager, right-click (ctrl-click for Mac users) on an asset and select Add Captions.

Highlighted - Add Captions

2.      Click on the Choose File button from the Upload Closed Caption File popup window.

3.      Browse the computer’s file directory and select the .srt subtitle file to be add to the media asset. 

  • NOTE: .srt files are the only accepted subtitle file type. 

4.      Click OK.     

After these steps are completed for an asset, captions will appear during media playback in ShareStream’s MediaManager and in Pick-n-Play applications.  


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Upload Composite Media Files (.zip files) 

Video Tutorial

ShareStream MediaManager enables the ingestion and playback of special, composite media file types, typically lecture capture files that can combine audio, video, screen captures, presentations, and other multimedia types. 

A composite media file can be created from the output of lecture capture applications or video editing programs which often produces a .zip file of a folder containing all the media files that comprise the lecture. The types of files included can be .html, .css, .js, .mp4, etc. The folder must contain an index.html or index.htm file, generated by the software that has links to the rest of the media in the folder. ShareStream typically has the ability to ingest and playback the media files contained in the zipped file.

To upload a composite media file:

1.       In MediaManager, right-click (ctrl-click for Mac users) on a course folder and select Add Asset

Highlighted - Add Asset

2.      In the Asset Required Metadata tab, go to the Digitized File Format section and select Zipped Media.

Highlighted - Zipped Media in Digitized File Format Dropdown menu

3.      Click the Asset Media File(s) tab.  In the UPLOAD STREAMABLE FILE text box, enter the .zip file from the computer’s directory. Check Streamable at the bottom of the window.

Highlighted - Choose File and Streamable Checkbox

4.      Click Save Asset.

Then, anyone with access to the course will be able to play the media files contained in the composite media folder. When the viewer clicks to play the composite media, a browser window will open to display the media assets.

Highlighted - Uploaded Media Asset


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