How to Upload Media

Video Tutorial

NOTE: Before beginning, make sure the file is of a usable type (see the table in Supported ShareStream Platform Input Formats).

1.      Click on the Dropbox folder icon on the left hand side of the Pick-n-Play window.

Pick-n-Play Dropbox

The Upload Media window opens prompting a media asset to be selected.

Highlighted - Drop/Click to Select Media file

2.      At the bottom of the window tick the checkbox to get an email confirmation.

Highlighted - Email Confirmation Checkbox
  • NOTE: This is the only way to get confirmation that your media has uploaded successfully.

3.      Do one of the following:

  • Click on the Drop/Click to Select Media File button, and browse to locate and select the media asset desired to be uploaded.
  • Drag and drop a media asset onto the Drop/Click to Select Media File button.  Note: Drag and drop is not currently supported in the Internet Explorer browser.

4.      Enter information about this media asset: the Title, Contributor (It is possible to check “Me” as the Contributor), and Description.

5.      Click on Add Media.

NOTE: Students will not be able to see the media uploaded to the Dropbox. Only Instructors can see what is in the Media Inbox. Instructors can choose media assets from the Media Inbox to show in the Course Collection.

Highlighted - Add Media

A progress bar provides real-time feedback on the progress of the upload.

6.      When the media asset is finished uploading, a prompt will appear to upload more files.


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October 6, 2017