How to Play Media - Using the Media Player

Video Tutorial

You can use the following controls on the Pick-n-Play Media Player.

Highlighted - Play Buttons, Looping Menu, Mute, Volume, Closed Captioning, Screen Control/Full Screen,Title, Progress Bar, Time Elapsed/Total Time, Share Asset, and Info/Metadata
  • Play Button – Click to Play the media file.
  • Progress Bar – Shows the progress of the media asset that is currently playing. It is possible to click and drag this control to go to a specific point in the media asset.
  • Time Elapsed/Total Time – Shows the time progress of the playing file, and the total duration of the file.
  • Mute Microphone – Click to mute or un-mute the file.
  • Volume Control – Click and drag to increase or decrease the sound volume.
  • Closed Captioning – Click to turn on closed captioning to display subtitles designed for student accessibility. Note: You must first upload a closed-caption file for the media asset for closed captioning to be enabled.
  • Screen Control – Click to increase the size of the player to full-screen.
  • Title of File – Shows the title as entered into ShareStream.
  • Share Video – Click to select options for sharing the asset in the media player. Note: To ensure that only users enrolled in the course can access course media, media assets shared using the “Share Video” feature will ask the user to authenticate before the media asset is played. 
  • More Info – Click to view metadata information about the media file.

Show or Hide Folders

On the Course Collection tab it is possible to switch between showing and hiding the folders within the Course Collection. Click Hide Folders or Show Folders to switch to the other option. 

Highlighted - Show Folders

Folders Hidden; Click to Show

Highlighted - Hide Folders

Folders Shown; Click to Hide

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October 6, 2017