Viewing Media in Pick-n-Play

Media assets available to watch will be on the right side of the Pick-n-Play window. The viewing window is on the left.

Highlighted - Text indicating the preview window and course media


You can display the available files in either thumbnail or list views using the menu on the right of the screen.

View Media as Thumbnails or a List

On the Course Collection or My Workspace tabs, it is possible to toggle between viewing all media assets in a thumbnail-gallery view or in a list view by selecting Thumbnails or List in the View menu. 

Example - Thumbnails and List buttons

The following screenshots show example Thumbnail and List views.

Example - Thumbnail View

Example Thumbnail View

Example - List View

Example List View

Click on the preview window, the thumbnail, or the thumbnail’s Action menu to play the file selected.

Highlighted - Text indicating the important clickable areas of Pick-n-Play

Playing course media

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October 6, 2017