Embed ShareStream Media in the Wiki

Once you have the Deeplink URL for a media asset you can embed that asset into the Wiki by following these steps.

1.      On the Wiki page you wish to embed a ShareStream media asset click +Insert and select Other Macros from the drop down menu.

Highlighted - Other Macros

2.      Search for the iframe macro.

Highlighted - Search Box

3.      Select the iframe macro.

4.      Paste the media asset’s Deeplink URL into the iframe address text box. Do NOT enter the embed code in this field.

Highlighted - iframe address
  • NOTE: You can make the iframe window larger or smaller with the Height and Width textboxes. Values can be entered in pixels (px) or percentage.

5.      Click Insert.

Highlighted - Insert

6.      Once the asset is embedded and all other edits to your Wiki page have been made click Save.

Highlighted - Save

7.      Once the page is saved your embedded asset will appear on your Wiki page.

Example of Embeded media on Wiki page
  • NOTE: At this time only one iframe can be displayed on a page at a time. If you add multiple iframes to a page only the top one will be shown.
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October 3, 2017