When a SiteNow Custom Service site is updated, it is highly recommended to test a few different things. These are the recommended steps for testing.

  1. Log in to your site.
  2. Test Content Types. You should test 'Basic Page' and any complex content types unique to your site by:
    1. Creating a new piece of content.
    2. Updating an existing piece of content.
    3. Deleting a piece of content.
    4. If you use moderation, assigning a draft to another user and having them approve it.
  3. Test image and/or video functions by:
    1. Adding a new image.
    2. Replacing an existing image with a new image.
    3. If you have cropping tools, cropping an image.
  4. Make sure that your site looks correct at different screen sizes by resizing your browser window. You can also test your site on mobile devices and tablets (you may need to be connected to the eduroam Wi-Fi network).
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June 24, 2016