When creating a list of links to documents, such as Word documents or PDFs, the first link added opens the correct document but additional links open documents that have been previously added instead of opening the document that was selected.


Work around

  1. Insert the first link as usual and hit enter to start a new paragraph or list item.
    One link in the WYSIWYG
  2. Toggle the rich-text editor off and back on by clicking the "Disable rich-text" link that's below the text area and then clicking the "Re-enable rich-text" link.
    Disable rich-text link below the WYSIWYG

    Enable rich-text link in the WYSIWYG

  3. Click to place your cursor back in the second (empty) paragraph or list item, and insert the second link.
    Two links to documents in the WYSIWYG
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June 27, 2016