Upload Media as Streamable

Video Tutorial

Only assets that have been checked as “Streamable” will allow users to stream the asset from ShareStream’s applications, namely Pick-n-Play and MediaManager.

First be sure the file is one of the Supported ShareStream Input Formats.

Follow the steps below to upload a media asset that may be streamed by the users in the course:

1.      In MediaManager, right-click (ctrl-click for Mac users) on the folder and select Add Asset.

Add Asset

2.      Give the asset a unique title by typing in the 1 TITLE field.

Asset Title

3.      Give the asset a contributor by typing in the 2 CONTRIBUTOR field.

Asset Contributor

4.      From the dropdown menu of 4 Digitized File Format, select Video.

Format: Video

5.      Switch to the Asset Media File(s) tab.

Asset Media File(s)

6.      Under UPLOAD STREAMABLE FILE, select MPEG-H264 (Streamable) from the dropdown menu.


7.      Click Choose File under UPLOAD STREAMABLE FILE and select the file from the computer’s file directory.

Choose File

8.      Tick the box next to Streamable at the bottom of the window.

Tick Streamable

9.  In the Add Asset window, click Save Asset in the top left corner.

Save Asset

10.  Close the Add Asset window.


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October 6, 2017