General Tips

DO NOT use Internet Explorer or Safari with ShareStream! Instead use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


Do not use mobile devices to upload media to ShareStream. Currently this is not supported however the vendor is working to have the feature implemented.

There's 2 GB limit for uploads in Pick-n-Play and MediaManager. 

The Media Inbox in Pick-n-Play currently does not allow you access to the deeplinks/embed code, so if you want to share Dropbox uploads with individual or groups of students and not the rest of the class, please Contact the ITS HelpDesk for a consult with the ShareStream support team on possible workarounds.

If you are starting a new ShareStream course, you can import the Course Collection structure and media from an existing course via ShareStream's import tool the first time you access ShareStream's Pick-n-Play.

Plan carefully your use of video assignments for students. Viewing and creating video can be a powerful learning tool when used well, but every situation is different: traditional classroom, flipped classroom, online only, etc. The Center for Teaching can help guide you in assignment or course creation.

Instructor Tips

Student Tips

Instructors need to enable the Dropbox, via a button, if they want students to have ability to upload to course.  

NOTE: Students will not be able to see the media they upload. Only Instructors can see what is in the Media Inbox. Instructors can choose media assets from the Media Inbox to show in the Course Collection.

Tick checkbox to get email confirmation when uploading via Dropbox.

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February 16, 2017