How to Create a .srt Subtitle file using YouTube

  1. Upload the video to YouTube. It is best to upload the videos as unlisted.
    1. If the video has already been uploaded go to the Video Manager.
  2. Once the video is uploaded, go to the video's editing window. (NOTE: The Edit button may need to be selected.)
    Highlighted - Edit Button
  3. In the main editing window, select Subtitles and CC.
    Highlighted - Subtitles and CC
  4. YouTube will try to auto-subtitle the video, but it often is wrong.  Select the English (Automatic) version to fix it.
  5. Click on Edit above the captions to edit them.
    Highlighted - Edit
  6. Delete unwanted captions, adjust timings, fix incorrect captions, and add missing captions by listening to playback at the same time.
    1. Best Practices for captioning:
  7. When finished, select Publish.
    1. The message "This will overwrite the existing subtitles." may appear.  Select Publish to continue
  8. Select the newly edited subtitles again (it will appear just under English (Automatic)
    Highlighted - English
  9. From the Action Menu dropdown menu, select, .srt
    Highlighted - Action Menu Dropdown
  10. The .srt will download to the computer.


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How to Create a .srt Subtitle file using a Transcript and YouTube

  1. In the Subtitles and CC tab of the Video Manager select Add new subtitles or CC.

Highlighted - Add new subtitle and cc

  1. Select English, or enter the language that will be used.

Highlighted - Select Language
  1. Click Upload a file.

Highlighted - Upload a file
  1. Click Browse.

Highlighted - Browse
  • NOTE: A warning may appear if there is already edited/manually added captions.
  1. Once the transcript file has been selected click Open.

Highlighted - Open
  1. Click Upload
  2. Once the file has uploaded click Set Timing

Highlighted - Set timings
  1. YouTube will now process the uploaded file to sync up the transcript to the video. When the process has finished open the captions and verify they have been synced correctly.


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How to Create a .srt Subtitle File using Camtasia (Version 8)

  1. In Camtasia go to Captions and add captions to the media.
    1. Best Practices for captioning:

Highlighted - Captions
  • NOTE: If Captions is not displayed in the bar click More then Captions.


Highlighted - More
Highlighted - Captions

     2. Once the captions have been added to the media select Export Captions...

Highlighted - Export Captions

     3. In the window that pops up Name the file in the File name field then hit Save.

  • Note: The .srt file will then be saved to the computer.

Highlighted - File name and Save
  • NOTE: Make sure Camtasia is saving the file as an .srt file. A .srt file is the default setting however it is always best to ensure it is still on the desired type.

Here is the University of Iowa's Web Accessibility Fact Sheet

  • NOTE: Web content includes videos, images, web-pages, etc...


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October 4, 2017