NOTICE: The OPP Player will not function in the new ICON Canvas environment - for more information about the changes coming to the learning management system see Therefore, ITS will be retiring the OPP player as a service in the summer of 2017. 

As a replacement, ITS recommends using the campus supported ShareStream or UICapture systems or Google's YouTube. Please contact the ITS Help Desk if you would like to consult with someone from our digital media team about what would work best for you.

How to Add Captions to the OPP Player

OPP Player code can be found here:

NOTE: Before starting ensure the captions are time-stamped and in the XML file format.

  1. Make sure the XML caption file has the same name as the video.
  2. Add the XML caption file to the video's folder.
  3. Ensure the XML file has the captions centered by adding tts:textAlign="center" to the style section and style="1" to the div section.

Highlighted - textAlign equals center and style equals 1

NOTE: As a Captioning Best Practice we suggest using a Sans-serif font, such as Verdana. To set a specific font add tts:fontFamily="Your Font Choice" to the style section. Here are more Captioning Best Practices.

Highlighted - fontFamily equals Verdana

NOTE: The next steps depend on if the video is Inside ICON or in a webpage Outside of ICON.

If the Video is Outside of ICON:

  1. In the HTML code change cc= "false" to cc= "true";

cc equals false 


cc equals true


  1. Captions will now display with the OPP Player video.

If the Video is in ICON:

  1. In ICON, select the module of the video to be captioned.
  2. Click Edit HTML.

Highlighted - Edit HTML

  1. Open the HTML Source Editor so the player's HTML embed code can be set to display captions.
  1. In the HTML code change cc= "false"; to cc= "true".

Highlighted - cc = true

  1. Click Save.
  2. Captions will now display with the OPP Player video.

Here is the University of Iowa's Web Accessibility Fact Sheet

  • NOTE: Web content includes videos, images, web-pages, etc...
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December 20, 2016