These directions assume Videolan Client (VLC) is running on Apple’s OS X. 

VLC is available for download at

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Directions for SENDING a Live STREAM of Video Stored on a Computer

  Use VLC to: Description Directions
1 Send a Live Stream Indicate you want to stream video. Select File > Streaming/Export Wizard...
2 Streaming/Export Wizard Provide information required for streaming. Select Stream to network
Select Next.
3 Choose Input Indicate the video to be streamed.
Select Select a stream
Select Choose... and select the video to stream
Select Next
4 Streaming Select how the video will be streamed.
Select HTTP – leave Destination blank.
Select Next
5 Transcode Indicate transcoding details (if any).
Leave unchanged. Options that will work: 
  • Video: MPEG-4 Video, bitrate 512
  • Audio: MPEG 4 Audio, bitrate 128
Consider lower bitrates if the viewer is on a slow Internet connection.
6 Encapsulation Select encapsulation format for HTTP streaming. Select MPEG TS
Select Next
7 Additional options Additional streaming options. Select Local playback
Select Next
8 Begin Begin streaming video. Select Next


Directions for VIEWING a Live STREAM of Video Stored on a Computer

  Use VLC to: Description Directions
1 Watch a video Indicate you want to watch a video being streamed using VLC. Select File > Open Network



Enter the IP# of the computer sending an HTTP video stream including :8080.


Example: http://128.255.xx.yyy:8080


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May 19, 2016