How to Add Captions

How to Upload Closed-Caption File Video

MediaManager enables instructors to upload user-generated subtitle files, associate the subtitle file to an asset, and playback the subtitle file with synchronization between the subtitle text and time codes. ShareStream supports .srt file format (SubRip Text) for closed-caption files. Here are instructions on how to create .srt files with YouTube and Camtasia.

Follow the steps below to upload a subtitle file that corresponds to a media asset stored in ShareStream

1.      In MediaManager, Right-click (ctrl-click for Mac users) on an asset and select Add Captions.

Highlighted - Add Captions

2.      Click on the Choose File button from the Upload Closed Caption File popup window.

3.      Browse the computer’s file directory and select the .srt subtitle file to be add to the media asset. 

  • NOTE: .srt files are the only accepted subtitle file type. 

4.      Click OK.     

After these steps are completed for an asset, captions will appear during media playback in ShareStream’s MediaManager and in Pick-n-Play applications.  

Here is the University of Iowa's Web Accessibility Fact Sheet

  • NOTE: Web content includes videos, images, web-pages, etc...
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February 16, 2017