New Version of UICapture/Panopto on 3/15/16

  • ​On 3/15/16 UICapture was upgraded to version 5.0 from version 4.9.  This version brings the following changes:
    • "Search all folders" now always available in the left-hand column

    • "All Folders" tab view removed for Viewers, Creators, and Videographers (dropdown still exists)

    • Folders that have sub-folders will now have clickable sub-folder buttons listed along the top part of the folder session window for easier navigation

    • Known Issues that this version fixes:

      • .SRT upload caching

      • Webcast browser refresh reset to the beginning of session

      • Keynote session encode failure if first slide hidden

Read the full release notes for version 5.0 on Panopto's website for more information.

New Recorders Are Not Required

New recorders are not required for this upgrade.  

However, please note that if you download a new Windows or Mac recorder from the UICapture web interface, you will be downloading the new 5.0 recorder not the same 4.9 recorder installed in the classrooms.  The 5.0 recorders have been redesigned significantly from the current 4.9 recorder which will remain in the classrooms until the end of spring semester - especially for Macintosh users (see Highlights below).  This may cause some user confusion.  There will be documentation noting the recorder differences where relevant after spring break on the UICapture ITS Website: and to the self-training documentation for Windows and Mac.

At the end of the spring semester, the classrooms and all creators will need to upgrade to the new recorders.  For personal use, if you would like to upgrade early, you can do so in one of the following ways:

Current recorder numbers for Academic/On-Campus recorders are:

  • Mac Panopto Recorder: 5.0.0 (50.0.28070) 
  • Windows Panopto Recorder:
  • Windows Remote Recorder:

Current recorder numbers for Home recorders are:

  • Mac Panopto Recorder: 5.0.0 (
  • Windows Panopto Recorder:
  • Windows Remote Recorder:

Highlights of the Version 5.0 Recorder:

  • Modern, flatter interface
  • Can capture internal audio
  • Mac Recorder now matches Windows Recorder in features, look & feel (three inputs captured, webcasting, failsafe recording, faster publishing, etc.)
  • Remote recorder has selective Admin and/or Creator access controls

If you need more help, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 319-384-4357 (HELP).

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February 16, 2017