Note:  You will only receive the 'Welcome to Exchange Unified Messaging' email when you are first added to UM.  If you no longer have the message, you don't know your voicemail PIN or you need a new PIN, you can reset it the Office 365 Web Client.

NOTE: Your PIN must be at least 6 digits long and all numbers (no letters or special characters). 
It cannot match your previous 5 PINs
It cannot be all a single digit and it cannot be 6 consecutive numbers.

1) Open your browser and Sign in to the Office 365 Web App

2) Select the Mail tile

3) In the upper right corner, click the Gear button, then search for "Voice mail". Click the first option.

4) In the left drop-down menu, select Reset PIN - then click Reset my voice mail PIN - Click Yes.

You will receive an email message from "Microsoft Outlook" with a temporary PIN. 

When you log on to your voice mail with that PIN you will be asked to create a new PIN.

You can also change your PIN by phone (if you know your current PIN):

1) Dial access code and log on to your mailbox.

2) Say "Personal Options" or  Press 6 on your phone keypad

3) Press 3 and follow the prompts.

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Last updated: 
February 2, 2018