State Hygienic Lab Local IT Support

The State Hygienic Lab has their own active directory domain of with their own ID system which is NOT linked to their HawkID. The SHL domain needs to be treated the same as the Healthcare domain, in the sense that it is a separate domain & ID that is managed by their own unit with their own services.

Typically SHL users will login to their computers using their SHL ID (like healthcare, their SHL ID is the same as their HawkID but with a different unlinked password). Then depending on which services they need to access will login either using their iowa\hawkid or their shl\SHL ID and appropriate password.

If the SHL users need help with any SHL login assistance, local computer assistance or SHL services, they need to contact the local SHL IT support group below. All Iowa or HawkID related services should be directed to the ITS Help Desk.

The main SHL IT phone number is 5-4700
Emery Gerecz; 5-4254
Steve Masbruch; 5-4059
Bill Burger; 5-4252
Frank Delin; 5-4255

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May 19, 2016