Need a new printer?

Buying a new printer for your department or unit is not the same thing as buying a new printer for your home network. The device you purchase must be able to be secured and password protected. Most consumer/home devices do not meet this requirement. So, what should you do?

Best Practices for Purchasing a New Printer

  1. If you haven't done so, please contact your local IT person. They can help guide you in making sure you get a device that will meet your needs, be secure, and have a lower cost of ownership than most consumer devices.
  2. Discuss what the device needs to do and what options you need on your new device. Examples include:
    1. How many people will be printing to this device?
    2. How many pages per month do you currently print?
    3. Do you need a black/white printer or a color printer?
    4. Do you need extra paper trays?
    5. Do you need to copy, scan or FAX?
  3. You or your IT person may fill out our needs assessment form to determine a good fit for you if you are not sure what device would be best. Alternatively, you may also email to have someone work with you directly.
  4. Once a device has been selected that you feel will meet your needs, we recommend going through eBuy so that you get your educational discount and any contract benefits that may exist through state contracts or other vendors.
  5. Once your device arrives on campus, you can follow the steps on what to do next by contacting your local IT support person immediately.
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May 19, 2016