Having troubles printing to your networked printing device? Follow the steps below before contacting the ITS Help Desk:

  1. Is the printer plugged in to the power?
  2. Is the printer plugged into a the correct jack?
  3. Can you connect to the printer?
    1. Open up a browser and type in the IP#
    2. Go to a command prompt, type in ping and the IP address (e.g. ping and see if you get a response.
  4. Have you turned the device off and back on?
  5. Remove the power cable and reconnect it.
  6. Does the network cable appear to be plugged in to the wall and the device?
  7. Is the network cable crimped?
  8. If none of the above work, report any error information and your outage to your local IT person or email its-helpdesk@uiowa.edu.
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Last updated: 
May 19, 2016