MBAM IT Admin Portal

The MBAM IT Admin Portal is a place where Departmental IT Support Staff can recover keys, audit key recovery, and review encryption reports during the encryption process.  To request access please contact Enterprise Client Management at

MBAM IT Admin Portal URL:

MBAM Reports

There are currently two report locations.  Here is where they are and when to use each report:

MBAM IT Admin Portal Reports

  • MBAM Helpdesk Reports
    • This is best used during the following two scenarios
      1. To check on the status of encryption when running the initial encryption on your Windows device
      2. When troubleshooting issues with your encrypted Windows device

MBAM Encryption Reports

  • Encryption Overview Report
    • This is best used for checking the status of your encrypted Windows devices that are currently in service after they have completed the encryption process
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September 17, 2021